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The Sydney property market has been stable and strong for many years, so it’s no surprise that Sydney real estate is an attractive opportunity for foreign investors. But like all investments, there are pitfalls that need to be avoided, and getting advice from experts can help to make your investment a lucrative and rewarding one.

If you are not an Australian citizen and you want to invest in the Australian property market, there are a few considerations you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • The property must be a new dwelling or vacant land to build a new property

  • You cannot buy an established dwelling unless you hold a temporary resident visa for more than 12 months and then live in the property. You’ll be required to sell the property within three months of your visa expiration date, or when you no longer live in the property.

  • If purchasing a new dwelling, foreign investors will generally need to apply and receive foreign investment approval before purchasing.

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents do not face the same restrictions and are free to buy Australian real estate as either an investment or to live in.

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 How we can help

 As an affiliate of Australian investment service provider, Highgate Advisory, we specialise in finding and enabling lucrative investment opportunities for foreign investors. With partner offices in Hong Kong, China and Singapore, Highgate Advisory has a proven track record of helping overseas investors take advantage of investment opportunities in Australia. Using our established network of business contacts in Asia and expertise in this area, we offer a comprehensive foreign investors property buyer’s service.


 Our Foreign Investors service includes

  • Consultation to identify your needs

  • Advice on any requirements or limitations you’ll need to consider as set by Australian legislation.

  • Advice on the best suburbs to invest in, current market conditions, any government development

  • Research and short listing of suitable properties and property types

  • Access to off-market property opportunities, as well as properties before they go to market and purchasing off the plan.

  • Arranging inspections, which we can attend on your behalf, or line up private inspections for any trips you have planned to Sydney, or you can arrange for friends or family to accompany us.

  • Property report, with photos, floorplans, location guides and objective information about each property

  • Negotiation with agents and vendors

  • Auction bidding

  • Help with any property services, like building and pest inspections

  • Help in sourcing lawyers and financiers

  • Help through any legal steps

  • We also offer an Executive Property Management service to maintain and manage your investment for you


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