First Home Buyers

Are you a First Home Buyer?

The experience of buying your first home can be a huge learning curve. It is advisable to get a professional to guide you through your first purchase safely and securely.

Let us help you. TBAS® is committed to helping first home buyers get into the property market. Whether it is your home or an investment property, we will ensure that your first home purchase becomes a profitable investment.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation meeting so that its easier to make up your mind when choosing your buyer’s agent. We understand that you have options and that this is an important decision. After speaking to us, we are confident that you will choose us as your buyer’s agent.

First Home Buyer's Guide by Reduce Home Loans & TBAS® Buyers Agents


There are four key steps to follow to choose your first property: choosing your suburb, your property type, inspecting the area and inspecting the property. Let’s explore this further.

Why use our services

  • Highly recommended
  • In-depth knowledge of the Sydney area
  • 30 years industry experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Chinese language services

What you get

  • Professional & personalized services
  • Access to off-market opportunities
  • Expert negotiation skills
  • Detailed due diligence
  • A great deal for first home buyers
  • Free consultation

Tips for first home buyers getting started

  • Know your budget
  • Narrow down you favourite neighbourhoods
  • Check references, reviews, the licence of your prospective buyer's agent
  • Talk to your mortgage broker or banker
  • Get professional advice

TBAS® Rebate for first time home buyers

Receive a $1,000 rebate if you combine our buyer agent services and your home loan through our finance brokers.

*Conditions apply