End to End Buying Service

Why use our signature end to end buying service

Our signature end-to-end package helps you navigate the purchase process from Property Search through to Settlement and Property Management if required. Whether you’re time poor or simply prefer not to deal with selling agents, we can take care of all aspects on your behalf, providing expert guidance and creating opportunities through our network of connections.

First, we’ll build a thorough understanding of your requirements and identify suitable properties – including off-market and pre-market opportunities. After an in-person inspection of all potential properties, we’ll create a shortlist with a comprehensive analysis of each property. Once you’ve identified your ideal property, we’ll negotiate with the selling agent to buy it on your behalf.

Our partnership with Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancers, Building Inspectors, Strata Searches and Trades People ensures the process of buying Real Estate from start to finish is seamless with TBAS® Buyers Agents.

Buyers Agent Sydney


We’ll discuss the property goals, your budget and objectives in detail to confirm we can assist you. During the call, we’ll explain our approach and give you an opportunity to ask any questions.



A large number of our purchases are either Off or Pre Market. The strong connections we have developed with selling agents over the last 30 years ensures you have an unfair advantage over your competitors.  



Agents price guides in Sydney can be misleading. We’ll prepare a detailed property analysis that considers local market conditions, the property’s sold history and recent comparable sales to identify a probable buying range.



Negotiating correctly requires skill and knowing how and when to make an offer can save you ten's of thousand of dollars. Having TBAS® in your corner puts a buffer between you and the selling agent, enabling you to purchase with confidence at the best possible price.  



Exchanging contracts is the final step in securing the property. We will be instrumental in ensuring contracts are exchanged swiftly in-case another buyer makes a higher offer. Also, we'll conduct a pre-settlement inspection to ensure the vendors have left the property as per the contract of sale.



Our Executive Management takes the hassle out of maintaining your property, protecting your investment. Making sure your property is well presented, in good repair, and that you have happy tenants brings you the best possible rental return, reduces vacancy rates, and is most likely to attract quality tenants.