Auction Bidding Service

Why Use Our Auction Bidding Service

Utilising TBAS® Auction Bidding Service in Sydney, we offer a comprehensive solution to all your auction bidding concerns. Buying a property at auction, even for seasoned property buyers, can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. With potential anxieties around missing a great opportunity, overpaying due to heightened emotions, or a simple preference for professional bidding representation, TBAS® steps in to alleviate your worries.

As specialised buyers agents, we service the entire Sydney area with our seasoned team, equipping our clients with the confidence they need to navigate the complex auction process. We are committed to giving buyers the optimal chance to secure a property at the right price, saving them from overspending.

With TBAS® Auction Bidding Service, you’re provided with unbiased advice on the property’s current market value, along with a custom-tailored auction strategy. We’ll represent your interests in the auction, bidding on your behalf up to a pre-agreed limit. If the property fails to meet its reserve price, our hard-negotiating buyers agents will strive to secure a deal that falls below the reserve, ensuring you receive the best value possible.


We'll assess the property, your budget, and objectives to ensure our suitability in assisting you. In this discussion, we'll provide an overview of our Auction Bidding Service and gladly address any inquiries you may have.



Auction price guides can often skew perceptions. We'll compile a comprehensive property analysis, factoring in local market trends, the property's transaction history, and recent comparable sales, to determine a likely selling range.



We'll collaboratively decide on your highest bid, the initial bid point, and the advisable increments for bidding. We'll also strategize around vendor bids, the use of a knockout bid, and our plan of action in case the property doesn't meet its reserve price.



We'll implement a bespoke bidding strategy, tailored to the specifics of the property you're pursuing. Our aim with the Auction Bidding Service is to dominate the auction dynamics, thereby diminishing the impact of the auctioneer's tactics and deterring other competitors.



Should the property fail to meet its reserve price, our Auction Bidding Service includes managing subsequent negotiations on your behalf. We strive diligently to secure the property at the most favourable price. Our track record in achieving below-reserve results is something we take great pride in.



After successfully securing the property on your behalf, we'll oversee the correct completion of contracts and ensure the agreed deposit is paid. Our Auction Bidding Service can also guide you through the digital deposit process, should you need assistance.