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Whether you’re purchasing your next home or an investment, buying property can be time-consuming and stressful. TBAS® Buyers Agents Sydney works with buyers throughout Sydney to ensure they buy the right property at the right price.
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Whether you need our Signature End-to-End Property Buying Service, a  Professional to Analyse & Negotiate your shortlisted properties or an Expert to Bid on your Behalf at Auction, we can tailor a package to meet your needs. We’ll take the time to understand your timeline, budget and exactly what you’re looking for, then create a personalised strategy to purchase the ideal property.

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Excellent5.0 Based on 58 reviews from review us onDivya GurramDivya Gurram ★★★★★ Thank you Rodney for your patience, guidance and wealth of knowledge - we learnt so much from you and felt supported through out!Response from the ownerYou're Welcome! It was a pleasure. Mei-Lyn PetersonMei-Lyn Peterson ★★★★★ We engaged Rodney to be our professional bidder at auction. He was amazing. We engaged him to bid on our behalf at auction because we weren't available on the day. Even if we were available, we would have engaged Rodney because auctions are stressful and emotional and we wanted to achieve the best price possible.Rodney was calm and explained everything that was happening. He explained why we were being offered a price before the auction and negotiated on our behalf. I'm confident that we would have paid much more without his assistance.To take the emotion and stress out of buying a house and to ensure you get the best price possible, I highly recommend calling in an expert like Rodney because once its all done, Rodney's modest fee is paid for multiple times over by the amount he saves you in the final price.Chris EricoliChris Ericoli ★★★★★ We were very fortunate to be guided by Rodney’s intuition and experience in the purchase or our last property. Rodney’s calm but professional advice was the basis for our auction strategy, and his strong presence on the day was instrumental in our success. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.Response from the ownerThank you Chris, you have made an excellent purchase. Tim VuTim Vu ★★★★★ I was introduced to Rodney at TBAS Buyers Agent through a mutual friend as I was seeking to purchase a freestanding house in Sydney. Rodney was very engaging and helpful during our search of the property and he helped us to thoroughly understand the current state of the market. For any property shown up that match our interest, Rodney was always ready to inspect the property with us and provide valuable advice as well as valuation guide. With great help, we ended up purchase a property matching our criteria.I highly recommend Rodney to anyone that looking to get into the market or expanding their property portfolio, TBAS will help property buyers to gain an edge over the market.Response from the ownerThank you Tim, is was a pleasure helping you purchase a fantastic property. Ronald JoyRonald Joy ★★★★★ We engaged Rodney at TBAS buyers agents to bid for our dream home.Leading up to the auction, we were provided a detailed property report with a valuation on the property and had several meetings with Rodney to discuss strategy for the auction.The process was completely transparent, Rodney was always available to talk and, most importantly, we were successful at auction.Would highly recommend TBAS buyers agents.Response from the ownerThank you Ronald, I'm certain you will enjoy your new home. Annie MaiAnnie Mai ★★★★★ Rodney has done an amazing job, he wasprofessional, patient and very proactive whileworking with us. He went above and beyond bysharing all of his knowledge and experience andensure that we are not rushing or get carried awaywith the market hype. I highly recommend hisservice!Response from the ownerThank you Annie Bobbi TrajkovskiBobbi Trajkovski ★★★★★ Rodney has purchased multiple properties from myself & Laing & Simmons St George. With every dealing we have had he presents with the highest level of integrity whilst negotiating hard for his clients.Always a pleasure dealing him Rodney & his team. Highly recommended!Rachelle MackintoshRachelle Mackintosh ★★★★★ Buying a house is nerve-wracking and confronting - but not when you have Rodney McLoughlin in your corner. We have no idea how we could've secured our new home without this professional, friendly and patient rock-star looking after us. From the moment we called him to enquire about hiring him to the moment he sent through our paperwork after he won our auction - (and way under budget, I might add!) - Rodney made everything seem so effortless.Every step of the way, Rodney's communication was impressive, outstanding and exemplary. He took the time to listen to our concerns, answer any random question we had, and was always available to connect in the lead up to the auction.And just as importantly, he was meticulous, transparent and collaborative in his strategy, so we always understood what was going on. It really put us at ease.We are so impressed by everything Rodney has done for us, and we have no hesitation in recommending him - so do yourself a favour!Nikita HoNikita Ho ★★★★★ After months searching around for a house and feeling lost, a friend gave me Rodney's contact. I tried to call him, and 3 days later I bought my dream house. Can't thank him enough!Response from the ownerCongratulations Nikata, it's a fantastic property. a aa a ★★★★★ Great service. Very professional and experienced. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy at auction.Response from the ownerThanks Abdul, it was a pleasure helping you purchase the beautiful home! Changle TNZChangle TNZ ★★★★★ Rodney is very professional and knowledgeable; He is also very easy to approach and willing to share his knowledge with any property related queries I raised. I had a great time inspecting the properties with him and managed to secure one within the planed time. Thank you for making my property purchasing experience smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend TBAS to people who have limited time for house searching and for the professional advises. And I will go back to him in the future if I need help again. Thanks, Ting 😊Salim MaherSalim Maher ★★★★★ Rodney was very prompt with communication and market research as soon as we engaged him. He has a great understanding of the housing market and worked with us to develop a great strategy for auction. On the day of auction, he was extremely profession, provided a calming presence and enacted his strategy perfectly, resulting in us winning our dream home. We would strongly recommend his services.Response from the ownerThank you Salim. Enjoy your new home! Nathan WilsonNathan Wilson ★★★★★ Me and my wife were looking for a property for around 18 months with no luck 🙁 A family member passed on Rodney’s details,Rodney was fantastic in securing a property for us. With the market so hot I don’t believe we would of been able to do it without him. Rodney’s dedication and responsiveness was very impressive.We also loved his honesty about certain properties ensuring that we did not compromise on what we wanted!Massive thank you to TBAS!Response from the ownerThank you Nathan. It was a pleasure helping you and Jackie purchase a property. JasonJason ★★★★★ Rodney delivered an outstanding result for us and provided exceptional service throughout the buying process. His professionalism, level of knowledge and responsiveness greatly exceeded our expectations. We can not recommend Rodney highly enough and we would not hesitate to engage his services again.Response from the ownerThank you. Enjoy your new home. Rupert PayRupert Pay ★★★★★ I can't fault Rodney one bit. He was absolutely awesome! Proactive, responsive and managed my expectations well.Response from the ownerThank you Rupert. It was a pleasure Millin SinghMillin Singh ★★★★★ Rodney is very professional and also a beautiful person. I bought property first time in an auction and it was a great experience. He answered all my questions very patiently. Thank you Rodeny. Looking forward to welcoming you with your family in my new house 👏👏Response from the ownerThank you. We are looking forward to coming over. Aaron CampbellAaron Campbell ★★★★★ We found TBAS after searching google for local and well reviewed buyer’s agents. We instructed TBAS to purchase our first family home in Darling Point that sold for mid $7m. We couldn’t have been happier with the performance of Rodney on the night. After we discussed strategy a few times prior to the auction, he then executed that strategy perfectly and we ended up with a great result. We are now in the processes of using him again for a second property purchase. He’s friendly, professional and a great communicator! I highly recommend his services to anyone.Response from the ownerThank you Aaron. Enjoy your stunning new home! Patrick James GarciaPatrick James Garcia ★★★★★ Being first time home buyers we were unfamiliar with the entire home buying process. We decided to get Rodney as a our buyer's agent and have not regretted it. Rodney was very professional and responsive to all of our queries. He is also very patient and approachable. He is highly recommended.Response from the ownerThank you Patrick. Enjoy your beautiful new home! Quang NguyenQuang Nguyen ★★★★★ My partner and I utilised Rodney to help purchase our dream home. From beginning to end Rodney was professional, diligent and held our hand through the entire process. He responded to our calls at any hour of the day. Supported us with all aspects of our due diligence. He showed genuine care to ensure we purchased the right home. Would recommend him to anyone. His value is priceless.J EvansJ Evans ★★★★★ Summary:* Rodney is extremely responsive.* Rodney is a very warm and professional guy who helped us feel at ease with the auction bidding process.* Rodney had done research on the property and had a good idea of where the reserve price would be and what the property would go for which made us feel confident about whether we stood a good chance at auction.* Rodney took control of the auction from the beginning. The other bidders didn’t stand a chance!* Rodney won our dream apartment for us!* I have already started recommending Rodney to my family and friends. If we’re lucky enough to purchase another property in the future, we’ll definitely ask Rodney for his help.Here’s the full story, from the perspective of two first home buyers:My wife and I had fallen in love with an apartment that was going to auction in one weeks time. We attend an auction the weekend before to learn how the bidding process works so that we could do the bidding ourselves the following weekend. The prices at that auction rose rapidly and many of the 10+ bidders were quickly knocked out. We left the auction feeling intimidated and worried about our ability to bid with confidence at our own auction. This was a Saturday.I woke up early on Sunday morning still feeling worried about our ability to perform under pressure at our upcoming auction. A quick Google search later, I had found out about Rodney and TBAS and the auction bidding service that he offers. There was a link to send him an instant message so I sent him one asking about how we could engage him for his auction bidding service. I fully expected to receive a reply on Monday morning during regular business hours so headed off to the gym to clear my mind.And that’s when the excellent customer service began! At 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning, I received my first reply from Rodney. We sent messages to each other while I was on the treadmill at the gym. At 7:00 AM, I had already received the forms to complete to formally engage Rodney! I was already starting to feel better about our prospects at auction. It was a load off my mind!On Monday morning, the excellent customer service continued. I received a message from Rodney at about 9:30 AM saying that he had already had a chat with the selling agent and that he had some insights into the likely reserve price of the property. Rodney and I discussed our budget and whether we stood a chance at auction. The chat with Rodney left me feeling more relaxed and glad that I had reached out to him for help. I knew that our dream apartment was within our reach and with Rodney on our side, our chances of winning at auction were even higher.Saturday morning came around. It was auction day! We met Rodney at the property 30 minutes prior to the auction. As suspected from my earlier phone call with him, he was an extremely warm and nice guy. We decided on a maximum bid and Rodney explained what his bidding strategy would be. It felt great to have an experienced professional on our side!When the auction finally took place, no one else stood a chance! Rodney took control of the auction from the beginning. It was as if my wife and I had a secret weapon at the auction. The whole process lasted just over 5 minutes. Rodney had won our dream apartment for us! Hooray!Rodney stayed with us while we signed the contract of sale and even took photos of my wife and me under the “SOLD” sign. He was with us until the end. What a guy!My wife and I highly recommend Rodney to help you with your next property purchase. If we decide to purchase another property in the future, we will definitely be reaching out to Rodney for his assistance. I’ve already been recommending Rodney to my family and friends.Thank you, Rodney! You’re the best!Response from the ownerThank you Justin. It was a pleasure helping you and Juliana purchase a fantastic property. Steven DetoffiSteven Detoffi ★★★★★ Rodney was a pleasure to deal with. We engaged him less than a week out from going to auction, he was incredibly responsive and available in the lead up. He is a clear communicator and genuinely a really nice guy to deal with. His research was helpful in qualifying our thoughts on the property and expected price range and reserve. We agreed a clear strategy for auction, he navigated the auction and other bidders seamlessly, predicting each move and ultimately he successfully secured the property for us. Engaging his services for auction bidding was absolutely the best decision for us to get the outcome we were after. Highly recommend.Response from the ownerThank you Steven. It was a pleasure helping you and Nicole purchase a beautiful home. Sue McKeeSue McKee ★★★★★ Rodney saved the day. In my 80th year I decided I would relocate from the Northern Beaches to the East. I wasn’t familiar with the geography and was dependent on public transport. Against all odds Rodney got me installed in a flat which tick my boxers, that I could afford, which wasn’t easy. In retrospect, it seemed easy thanks to Rodney from TBAS Buyers Agents. Thank you Rodney you are a super hero.Response from the ownerThank you Sue. It was a pleasure helping you purchase a new home. Nicholas LangleyNicholas Langley ★★★★★ Rodney is a lovely man to deal with, and made the process of purchasing my first property far less daunting than it had been prior to commissioning him. It may have been simple coincidence, but having done my own thing for close to 6 months, Rodney was able to secure the first property we genuinely pursued with his full service offering. Fully recommended to anyone unsure of navigating the real estate market.Response from the ownerThank you Nick. Enjoy your new home. Danny CrokerDanny Croker ★★★★★ Buying a property in Sydney is intimidating at the best of times and even more so in the current market.We just bought our first family home using the services of Rodney McLoughlin of TBAS and couldn't be happier! His experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion was obvious from the outset. Getting a detailed analysis of the property we were interested in gave us the confidence we were buying our dream home at the right price.You have someone on your side working for a great result the whole way. Our property went to auction and knowing Rodney was in our corner on the day allowed us to actually enjoy the process knowing we were in with the best chance....... and we got it!5 Stars Rodney McLoughlin ..... you were brilliant!!Response from the ownerDanny, it was an absolute pleasure helping you and your family purchase a fantastic property. John LJohn L ★★★★★ I have been looking to purchase a property for a few months without success as the price is increasing on a weekly basis in this hot market.One day I saw TBAS Buyers Agents advertisement popped up on the social media and curious to know what they are doing as I have never heard before. I reviewed the service offering and success stories on their website and contacted Rodney McLoughlin who responded nearly straight away with my enquiry. I then decided that there is no harm in trying as their cost seems reasonable.Rodney was exceptionally professional and undertook market research to accurately calculate the price range of the first property as the result reflected after auction however we couldn’t afford it. A few weeks later I found another property and contacted Rodney who was on holiday with family in another State and still discussed the buying strategies with me. He successfully negotiated to sale before auction hence I avoided paying the maximum price, we would not have bought the property without him.I am very happy with the result and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to buy a property to contact Rodney.Response from the ownerThank you John. You have secured a fantastic piece of Real Estate js_loader

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