Purchased 40 Edgeware Rd Enmore

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Purchased 40 Edgeware Rd Enmore


Client Brief: Inner West terrace around the Newtown area with strong capital growth potential. Parking would be a bonus.


Result:  After missing out at auction too many time to count, our clients engaged the services of Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents.

TBAS® was able to provide independent advice about the Sydney Property market, helping their clients understand how to interrupt agents price guides and the negotiations process.

It only took Rodney one week to secure a property in Enmore that had strong capital growth potential, with parking. 

The property was passed in at auction and after providing in-depth research on the property our clients where confident they were able to purchase the property at the right price with a strategic negotiations process over 48 hours.

Testimonial: We have been looking to buy our family home for almost 6 months and in this time we went through several stressful attempts to secure a property.

From the moment we engaged Rodney to help us with negotiation and, potentially, with the auction bidding, the whole process became controlled, and we were absolutely certain that we’re making exactly the right choices every time. In less than a week from our first chat with him, we exchanged contracts for a fantastic house well within our budget!

Rodney is the ultimate professional, extremely knowledgeable, calm and always responding straight to your queries, making you feel comfortable in negotiation process.

Based on our recent experience, we would not think of doing any other move in the property market without talking to him first.


Price: $1,811,000

Realestate.com.au: https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-house-nsw-enmore-134632210


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