Purchased 14a Brighton St Croydon

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Purchased 14a Brighton St Croydon


Client Brief: Renovated free-standing house with 4 bedrooms and double parking.

Location:  Croydon area

Budget: Circa $2,000,000


Result:  After finding the prefect property in Croydon, we had no choice but to compete with around 10 registered bidders at the auction. In a booming Sydney Real Estate market, it can prove challenging to convince vendors to sell prior to auction.

During the week leading up to the auction, Tori Cheung & Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents were instrumental in helping their clients completely understand a probable selling price, enabling them to prepare for multiple scenarios on the day.

On auction day, the competition was aggressive, with 6 of the 10 registered bidders vying for the property. Our well structured auction bidding strategy and accurate price analysis ensured our clients were well prepared and were the successful new owners.


Price: $2,050,000

Realestate.com.au: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-croydon-135496794


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