Just Purchased 2C/96-98 Carlton Cres Summer Hill

PURCHASED 2C/96-98 Carlton Cres Summer Hill

Purchased 2C/96-98 Carlton Cres Summer Hill


Client Brief: Two Bedroom apartment with a car space. Must be close to a train station and in good condition. Also, prefer a small complex with low body corporates.

Result:  After missing out on countless properties at auction over a 6 month period, the buyer made the decision to engage the services of Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents.

Rodney inspected several properties on behalf of his client, providing in-depth market knowledge and advice on each property. 

Within 2 weeks, Rodney negotiated and assisted with exchanging contracts to secured a fantastic first home for his client prior to the scheduled auction, well below his clients budget.

Testimonial: Rodney is a lovely man to deal with, and made the process of purchasing my first property far less daunting than it had been prior to commissioning him. It may have been simple coincidence, but having done my own thing for close to 6 months, Rodney was able to secure the first property we genuinely pursued with his full service offering. Fully recommended to anyone unsure of navigating the real estate market.


Price: $695,000

Realestate.com.au: https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-apartment-nsw-summer+hill-136059998


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2C/96-98 Carlton Cres Summer Hill

Rodney is a lovely man to deal with, and made the process of purchasing my first property far less daunting than it had been prior to commissioning him. It may have been simple coincidence, but having done my own thing for close to 6 months, Rodney was able to secure the first property we genuinely pursued with his full service offering. Fully recommended to anyone unsure of navigating the real estate market.

Nicholas Langley

6 Foots Place Maroubra

Buying a property in Sydney is intimidating at the best of times and even more so in the current market. We just bought our first family home using the services of Rodney McLoughlin of TBAS and couldn't be happier! His experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion was obvious from the outset. Getting a detailed analysis of the property we were interested in gave us the confidence we were buying our dream home at the right price. You have someone on your side working for a great result the whole way. Our property went to auction and knowing Rodney was in our corner on the day allowed us to actually enjoy the process knowing we were in with the best chance....... and we got it! 5 Stars Rodney McLoughlin ..... you were brilliant!!

Danny Croker

20 Fowler Road

I have been looking to purchase a property for a few months without success as the price is increasing on a weekly basis in this hot market. One day I saw TBAS Buyers Agents advertisement popped up on the social media and curious to know what they are doing as I have never heard before. I reviewed the service offering and success stories on their website and contacted Rodney McLoughlin who responded nearly straight away with my enquiry. I then decided that there is no harm in trying as their cost seems reasonable. Rodney was exceptionally professional and undertook market research to accurately calculate the price range of the first property as the result reflected after auction however we couldn’t afford it. A few weeks later I found another property and contacted Rodney who was on holiday with family in another State and still discussed the buying strategies with me. He successfully negotiated to sale before auction hence I avoided paying the maximum price, we would not have bought the property without him. I am very happy with the result and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to buy a property to contact Rodney

John Luk

39 Condover St North Balgowlah

We recently used Rodney to purchase a wonderful property in North Balgowlah. He was excellent and was instrumental in us winning the auction. Thanks Rodney!

Frances M

45 Rowland St Revesby

We were looking to buy a property at what was shaping to be a hotly contested auction. We felt that we needed professional representation to get us over the line. As such we started researching buyers agents. After some desktop research, I came across TBAS Buyers Agent Sydney. I left my details with TBAS and within 15 minutes, Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS promptly replied to us and agreed to help us bid at the auction which was in the following week. Rodney is an excellent communicator and instilled confidence in us at every step of the way. We had several conference calls where we discussed auction strategies and engaged in open dialogue about the property's value based on in-depth market research that he prepared. The evening before the auction, we had another conference call and were feeling happy and confident. On the auction day, nerves were naturally high, but with Rodney by our side, we felt at ease. During the auction, Rodney represented us to perfection and exactly as we discussed. Ultimately we secured the property of our dreams in a tough Sydney market. I would personally recommend TBAS if you are looking for top-notch auction representation as we had a delightful experience. Thank you Rodney!

Marcus Suresh

Testimonial – 9 Wadsley Cres Connells Point

I am pleased to provide a very positive review of Rodney McLoughlin’s assistance in helping me buy a very acceptable house when my time was running out My first contact was that he attended an auction merely to bid on my behalf at short notice but ( fortunately) I was outbid by the competition. I was impressed by various aspects of his demeanour on that meeting . Deflated , I then engaged his future negotiation skills My main recommendation is that it is clear that he genuinely strives to perform as high a quality service as he possibly can . I am certain this is his work ethos. His skill for me personally was opening up the possibilities that I should consider in a house, beyond the more narrow limitations I had set by myself His skill with real estate agents was to understand their psychology and the games they play with buyers, and the potential pitfalls of avoiding becoming part of a bidding war before one could happen, that once I had made a decision to buy was made that morning that the deal was legally’ exchanged’ by that Friday evening... to prevent being gazumped the following day which was a weekend. To achieve this he drove to my work in the city to get me to sign in person.. ( I continued my working day unhindered) then drove to distant suburbia to the Real estate office, and continued to apply pressure on the agent to make good her word that legally binding exchange would occur that evening, Plus negotiated a realistically reduced price on my behalf Visited the home with me after exchange again just to provide me with practical hints

Mike De Franco

Testimonial – 27 Pinehurst Ave Rouse Hill

With the help Rodney’s knowledge and experience we managed to secure our first home in Rouse Hill. There were tough negotiations involved in the purchase, and Rodney acted in a quick and fair way we would not have done if we had entered negotiations ourselves. We first got Rodney’s help to bid for a home for which we were not able to attend the auction, and although we did not win the auction, due to the experience we knew when we find the house we must have, it would be a good idea to get his help. He truly went above and beyond. Thank you so much Rodney!!

Sanira Tennakoon

Testimonial – 21 / 14-18 Ross Street, Waverton

Great service from the first hour to successful purchase - Rodney was available to guide us through the process and helped make it a pleasant, stress free and successful process.

Rodney & Cathy Roberts

Testimonial – 40 Edgeware Rd Enmore

We have been looking to buy our family home for almost 6 months and in this time we went through several stressful attempts to secure a property. From the moment we engaged Rodney to help us with negotiation and, potentially, with the auction bidding, the whole process became controlled, and we were absolutely certain that we're making exactly the right choices every time. In less than a week from our first chat with him, we exchanged contracts for a fantastic house well within our budget! Rodney is the ultimate professional, extremely knowledgeable, calm and always responding straight to your queries, making you feel comfortable in negotiation process. Based on our recent experience, we would not think of doing any other move in the property market without talking to him first.

Oana Baches

22 Palm Street St Ives

Before engaging Rodney McLoughlin  from TBAS Buyers Agent, I may have been at 8+ auctions and numerous house inspections on our quest to secure a house which lasted more than 13 months. It took me 8+ auctions to realise that bidding at auction is a skill especially when it comes to fiercely competitive Sydney's real-estate on independent homes. Out of frustration I did some search on the internet and reached out to Rodney McLoughlin @ TBAS. From the onset the experience with Rodney is nothing but reassuring. He gave a reality check on the market and what it will take to win at the auction. From the initial conversation, felt comfortable with Rodney. Over the course of few messages and calls, he helped in the auction preparation, provided key facts on selling agent tactics, did the research on real price guide, set a price goal and mainly put at our minds at ease on the max bid price. On the auction day, his mindset, psychology and bidding tactics was a masterclass. Sincerely thank you Rodney for helping us secure our dream home.

Nandan Keerthi

17A Chemlsford Ave Botany

We contacted Rodney 2 days out from Auction for assistance on the day, because we had bad experiences at Auctions previously. I would highly recommend his service. His advice was excellent and his bidding strategy and read on the other bidders was spot on. Rodney was able to predict the reserve and let me know when the other bidder was nearly done. We secured the property for well below the reserve against another very eager bidder. I don't think we would have been successful without his assistance. It was well worth the reasonable fee. Having Rodney there took a lot of the stress and uncertainty away and made the Auction more enjoyable.

James Larkin

8/1-7 Gloucester Place Kensington

We engaged Rodney initially to bid for us at auction on a property, unfortunately it went 32% over the price guide 😂 However, Rodney was great in the lead up to the auction and was great on the day of. After we were unsuccessful we decided to use Rodney’s full services to help us find our new home as her made us feel at ease and gave us much more confidence throughout the process. He was very responsive to any questions at any time, and he came with us to inspections and asked the more difficult questions and also just had a lot of insight that only someone doing this for as long as him would have. He compiled reports for us and handled 100% of the negotiation that helped us secure a home prior to auction... all after we decided to go ahead with it at 2pm on a Friday afternoon. I never thought I’d be the person to use a buyers agent but I can say, hands down this was the best money we spent during our search for a home. I would recommend Rodney from TBAS® to everyone looking for a new home and will definitely use him again the next time I go through this.

Alex Frame

36 Neirbo Ave Hurstville

The best compliment for any business would be returning customers. My family and I would certainly be one of them, and would not hesitate recommending Rodney to our friends. Rodney was calm, and professional throughout the purchase process. His knowledge and experience helped us secure a property within our budget, with high growth potential. We would not have done it without TBAS. Thank you!

Tony Nguyen

39 Maxwell St Turramurra

I engaged Rodney's services quite late in the game. Literally days before the auction to purchase my dream home. Nerves were absolutely through the roof, but when I got off the phone with Rodney, a huge weight just lifted from my shoulders. Knowing he had a wealth of experience, and that he would represent me, gave me an immense sense of relief. On auction day, Rodney was confident, self assured and professional - and he got the job done. I got my 'forever' home within budget. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would have lost the house if I'd bid myself. And I'm thankful that I was able to engage Rodney's services at the eleventh hour. If you're starting your property purchase journey, or even if you're at the tail end of the process like I was, do yourself a favour and give Rodney a call.

Susan Yi

13 Hannam Street Turrella

Rodney was a great asset for securing our dream home. He is incredibly knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the auction and buying process and his representation at the auction meant we got the property under our budget with none of the stress of doing it ourselves. I would highly recommend Rodney, especially for those trying to navigate the stressful auction property market.

Jennifer Sims

10 Gibbes St Banksia

Thanks to Rodney and Tori from TBAS for making the purchase of my first home a breeze. I had the TBAS crew on site on auction day to walk me through the process, bid on my behalf within my predetermined budget and in the event of an unsuccessful auction, negotiate a fair price. I was very grateful for the prompt, friendly and useful advice Rodney shared with me while I was circling the property, too. Engaging TBAS saved money and time, provided intel and confidence and would probably circumvent emotional overspending - if you're that way inclined. As it turned out, it was a competitive, but pretty straightforward auction, which we won (and with change left over. Result! Nice one, Tori).

Martin Gallery

13 William St Tempe

From the moment we spoke with Rodney about bidding on our behalf at an auction we felt confident that we had made the right choice in hiring him. Rodney is extremely knowledgeable, professional, easy to deal with and helped us secure our dream home when we thought it was out of reach.

Alex McCormack

59 Shepherd St Bowral

Julie provided invaluable help in making my recent home purchase in Bowral. Julie is very experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She brings expert knowledge of the real estate industry and Bowral in particular. Her network of local contacts was particularly helpful. Julie saved us much time that would have been wasted without her guidance. We highly recommend Julie.

Suzie Dent

74 Loch Maree St Maroubra

Rodney is very cool, calm and collected. Communicates consistently, even throughout a drawn out buying process. It took a while for us to find a suitable property, but throughout the process his professionalism never waivered. An asset to any buyer.

Nathan Mosher

26/19a Young St Neutral Bay

I engaged Rodney as my buyers agent and faster than expected, in fact within 2 weeks Rodney was successful in securing a property at the right price. The true benefits are though that Rodney is very reliable, pleasant to deal with, flexible, honest and realistic so it certainly was the right choice for me.

Joern Sauer

20 Moya Cres Kingsgrove

After trying to navigate the property market for some time, my wife and I decided to enlist the help of Rodney and could not be happier with the outcome. Rodney is a very knowledgeable, experienced and patient Buyers Agent who was able to support us through the home buying process with confidence and ease. After conducting comprehensive research on a property we were interested in, Rodney was able to successfully secure us the property at auction. We would highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in purchasing property in the competitive Sydney market. Regards, Akshay & Dilini

Akshay & Dilini

11 Panorama Ave Woolooware

I would not have secured this property without Rodney. His ability to navigate the ‘game of an auction’ was clear. He had my best interests front of mind. Thank you Rodney

Samantha Madsen

9/93 Avenue Rd Mosman

I engaged Rodney to assist me in the purchase of a property in Mosman recently. I found him a delight to deal with. He was always available to answer questions and his expert advice was extremely helpful. On the day of the auction, he was the voice of calm and reason and managed to secure the property for me for a great price. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Sally Roberts

35 Rushton Dr Kanahooka

My husband and I were visiting our son and his wife and family in Wollongong and went to an Open Inspection with them. They had been looking for nearly 8 months – most homes on the market either did not suit their needs or were not up to scratch or they missed out, at auction. Finally, this home, we all agreed, at first sight, was THE ONE. It was a waterfront dream home. The day before the auction we googled on how to bid at an auction. To our great fortune we stumbled upon the Buyer's Agency and read about Rodney and his services. Since we were so nervous and stressed about the auction, and did not want to miss out, we thought we could do with some professional help. So we rang Rodney , who sounded so courteous, calm, quietly confident and reassuring. His fees were reasonable too. And he was willing to drive down from Sydney to Wollongong at such short notice. Rodney gave us realistic feedback and pricing on the property and his strategy on the day. There were 5 bidders, all very spirited and competitive. It was a very nail biting experience but Rodney remained calm throughout and got it for us!!!! Rodney you were spot on about the property. There is no doubt this would not have happened if not for you. Thank you so much. We would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to buy a property. We all are still so excited about this dream home. Thank you.

Vilma & Frank

17 Ryrie St Forestville

We initially contacted Rodney to bid on our behalf at an auction we couldn't attend and later upgraded to his advice & negotiation service. He came to our first meeting (on a Sunday!) having done his research on the property and area we were interested in buying. We've been really happy with the support, the practical advice and the level of service that Rodney has given us during our search for a property. He's also incredibly responsive - I don't think any of my calls went to voicemail once. I couldn't recommend Rodney's services enough!

Julie & Ed

19 Anglesea St Bondi

I would strongly recommend using TBAS. As a first time buyers in a new country Rodney's insights into the local Eastern Suburbs housing market were invaluable. We needed to understand the local price point and amount of stock for 4 to 5 bedroom houses coming onto the market in close proximity to our children's schools. Rodney went above and beyond. He showed us in excess of 20 properties at varying prices over the next several months before we were even ready to buy, not to mention being available for phone calls day and night. We were ready to buy from the beginning of July. Rodney had found, successfully offered and secured our new house by the beginning of August. The house was completely on brief as well (a detached 5 bed room house, in close proximity to our children's schools with a large garden and enough room to include a pool at some stage). This was all well within our budget.

James Taylor

210/2 Malthouse Way Summer Hill

Rodney was amazing to work with, start to finish. Auctions, finance, negotiations. I unfortunately hit a hurdle, my finance fell through (I had pre-approval, nothing to do with credit but location risk), every first home buyers nightmare. Rodney stepped in and made what would normally be a (an incredibly) stressful situation a normal every day hurdle. He went over and above and made the process streamlined. Hands down one of the best investments I have ever made- other than my dream home that he helped me secure.

Mikayla Ellis

15B Yaralla Crs Thornleigh

Rodney helped us to secure a property in Sydney yesterday during an auction. He was professional and a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. If you are thinking of bidding at an auction I would highly recommend that you have Rodney to help you.

Marcus & Christel Rome

Campbell Mills

Excellent buyers agent. I have worked with him on a number of matters. Extensive experience and contacts in the market. Would highly recommend.

Campbell Mills

70 Coonong Rd Gymea Bay

I used Rodney’s auction bidding service to successfully secure my home! Rodney is professional, responsible and very helpful during the whole process. I am so glad that I have Rodney to be with me in the auction. I will recommend Rodney to all my friends who would like to secure a property in an auction!

Jansen Lee

13/2 Stuart Ave Normanhurst

I had to buy my first home after renting for more than 20 years and the support I received from Rodney is amazing. He ensured that I got the property below the advertised price and he also gave me confidence and emotional support. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Ingrid Liermann

8/13-17 Clanwilliam St Willoughby

Rodney helped us purchase our first home and took all the stress & anxiety away from auction day. Rodney has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market which was no more apparent then when he provided us with a price guide before the auction which turned out to be completely accurate! Rodney is extremely professional and helped guide us through the whole auction process. We could not be happier with Rodney’s service and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a buyers agent.

Leanne Hill & Paul Howse

3/2-4 Reed St Cremorne

If I could give 6 stars I would! We reached out to Rodney at TBAS initially to just bid on our behalf at auction, but after meeting him, we felt really confident and comfortable with him and asked Rodney to look after the whole process (negotiating pre auction etc). Being a first home buyer, Rodney eased all our stress and helped secure our dream home in a short time frame! We will never buy a place without him!

Matt Scott

18 Walter St Leichhardt

18 Walter St Leichhardt - Rodney’s professionalism, skill and approach provided me with the confidence to achieve the property outcome I was looking for. He turns what would usually be a nerve-wracking and stressful experience into a enjoyable life stage goal. His experience in navigating the property industry really counts when it matters most. His ability to read the room, ensured that we got the outcome we wanted. I would use Rodney again for any property - personal or investment, outcome I needed.

Caroline Hungerford

29 College St Balmain

We used Rodney to do all of the negotiations on our property we fell in love with. He took away all of the stress that goes with that and also had a very good knowledge of the real estate industry. He managed to secure the property for us. His fees were insignificant to what he saved us Thanks Rodney. A true professional

Andy Nelson

39 Aboud Ave Kingsford

Rodney McLoughlin at TBAS® was extremely helpful to us in our new house negotiations. We engaged Rodney to attend an auction representing us when we were overseas as well as further negotiations on a property for sale which we eventually purchased. He was always prompt, professional, transparent and available when we needed him and very supportive to us both and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a buyer's agent.

Kylie Green

18 Rosslyn St Bellevue Hill

We had been looking to purchase a house in the Eastern Suburbs for many years and couldn't find what we were looking for within our budget. After countless hours spent on open inspections without success, we decided to contact Rodney to help us in our search. I will admit that we had our doubts about buyers' agents in general after hearing stories of pushy agents trying to sell properties quickly, regardless of their clients' preferences, just to get their fees. I can say that we were completely wrong - or just very lucky to have found Rodney at TBAS®! Rodney is a very friendly from the start, easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the property market in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He took the time to come to our place and discuss our preferences. He immediately started the search and within days, was able to source off-market properties that you wouldn't hear of otherwise. Three months later, we found the perfect house for us. Rodney negotiated on our behalf and we signed a week later at a price that was on the lower side of our budget. I can't recommend TBAS® enough. If you are looking for a property in the Eastern Suburbs, do yourself a favour and give Rodney a call. You will save time, money, and will get the results you want.

David Serra

17 Fairweather St Bellevue Hill

Thank you Rodney for your hard work and dedication in searching for off market sales in the Bellevue Hill area. You demonstrated exceptional market knowledge of Bellevue Hill and the surrounding eastern suburbs. Your advice on current market conditions and surrounding properties helped me secure an off-market development opportunity in Fairweather St. I look forward to working with you in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone considering using a Buyer’s Agent. Sincerely,

Richard Chapman

Barry St Neutral Bay

With such a daunting process and no other support, they really helped me looked like I knew what I was doing during the auction and then after, Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® actually made me money during the negotiation process. Many thanks

Natasha Burns

14/127 Macleay St Potts Point

Fantastic service. I had been looking for an investment property for months without luck. It was costing a lot of time and money researching, inspecting properties and attending auctions. Rod took all of the pain. He made the process enjoyable, and in the end secured me a great property by negotiating pre-auction - I would not have got this property without him. I highly recommend Rod's service.

Russell Van der Water

3112/393 Pitt Street Sydney

Exceptional acquisition with over 5% yield in one of Sydney's finest residential buildings for an astute investors SMSF With several buyers all vying for the property, TBAS® was given a race to exchange contracts unconditionally, which we achieved within 2 business hours of offer and acceptance. Need help securing your next property? Contact Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents

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