Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of property do you specialise in?

A. We have purchased all types of properties from studios to multi million dollar homes to Australia’s top golf courses. Our investments properties can return over 7%.


Q. Which areas do you service?

A.  We are based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and specialize in Sydney, South East Queensland and regional towns in New South Wales.


Q. What level of investment do you deal with?

A.  From studio apartments to multi-million dollar prestige homes, no matter what your budget is, if you’re looking to buy property of any kind in Sydney, we are happy to help you.


Q. What are your working hours?

A. Our office hours are 9-am to 6-pm Monday to Saturday, but we know that open communication is very important to all of our clients, and so we will always accommodate busy schedules, time zones and any time-urgent events by being available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Q. What exactly is a buyer’s agent?

A. Just as a real estate agent is employed to work exclusively for the seller, a buyer’s agent works exclusively for the buyer. It’s the buyer’s agent’s job to guide and support the buyer throughout the entire buying process, helping them to find the right property at the right price, and oversee all of the many steps that are involved when purchasing a property.


Q. How long will it take you to procure a property for me?

A. On average, it takes us around four weeks from our initial consultation through to exchanging contracts. Of course, there are many variables that affect the timeframe, so it could be faster than that, or it could take much longer.


Q. What do I do if I find my own property after engaging TBAS® to find one for me?

A. Finding a property on the internet is just one step of many that we take to procure the perfect property to you. If you want to look on the market and pass any relevant listings onto us, we are more than happy to include them in the portfolio of properties we put together for you, but this will not affect our fee.


Q. What kinds of fees might I need to pay?

A. After understanding what your needs are, and agreeing on a brief for us to work to, a retainer fee will be requested to engage our services. We also charge a success fee, which is only taken upon purchase of a property that you love. There are no other hidden costs, and as we are boutique agency, our fees are very competitive.


Q. Are you able to source properties that I can’t source myself?

A. Yes. Many property sales in Sydney happen without ever reaching the open market. We have many contacts within the property market, which means we know about off-market (or silent) listings that will never hit the internet or make it to the open market. We also get advance warning of sales that are about to hit the market, meaning you get a head start on other buyers.


Q. What if I am located overseas and want to buy a property in Sydney?

A. We specialise in searching for and buying property for foreign investors and offer a comprehensive expat and foreign investors buyers’ service that will make the entire buying process smooth and efficient. We know that communication is very important to our overseas buyers, and commit to making this as easy as possible for you by accommodating time differences and busy work schedules, and using any method of communication that you find easiest to work with.


Q. Is your service confidential?

A. All of the information you give us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and will never be disclosed to any third party unless we are required to do so by law.


Q. Why should I engage TBAS® to work for me?

A. Because of our industry contacts and experience in finding and procuring properties, we are able to move through the process much faster and with far greater efficiency than you’d be able to do it yourself. It’s very likely that we will save you large amounts of time spent on finding the perfect property, and we can potentially save you a lot of money when it comes to negotiating the right price for your chosen property. Finally, we save you a lot of stress by considering and taking care of all of the details on your behalf. We can also give you the advantage of being able to choose from a number of silent listings that other buyers on the open market will never see.


Q. Do you have current Professional Indemnity Insurance?

A. Yes, $5,000,000 Indemnity with Real Cover Insurance Pty Limited.


Q. Are you a fully Licensed Real Estate agent?

A. Rodney P McLoughlin is licensed under the Property, Stock, and Business Agents Act 2002. Licence No. 20117370


Q. Are you a dedicated Buyer’s Agent, or do you sell Real Estate as well?

A. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do NOT sell Real Estate under any circumstances, we only act for the Buyers and their best interest at all times.