Level 1 Service – Auction Bidding

Level 1 Service. Auction Bidding & Strategy from $300

Suitable for buyers who are buying at auction, want a proven auction strategy and a buffer between them and the selling agents. Included in this service is:


Strategy Meeting

30 minute strategy meeting prior to the auction, to enable confident & precise bidding.


Auction Price guide

Auction price guides can be very misleading. To ensure you don't waste time & money, we have analysed the data from 1000's of auctions we've attended, to gauge a probable selling price.


Auction Bidding

We will prepare and execute a proven bidding strategy that's tailored for the property you are buying, that will intimate the competition.


Post Auction Negotiations

If the property is passed in, we will be instrumental in the negotiations post auction, to ensure we purchase the property as cheap as possible.


Signing Contract

Once we successfully purchase the property on your behalf, we will ensure contracts are completed correctly.


Digital Deposit

Assistance with digital deposit - DEFT Auction Pay by Macquarie Bank, if required.


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