Purchased G03/17 Wetherill St Croydon

Purchased G03 / 17 Wetherill St, Croydon NSW 2132


Client Brief: Garden apartment with large outdoor area on title. Prefer a new or near new complex. 2 bedrooms, security parking and easy access to public transport for the CBD. Budget: Less than $1,000,000

Result:  Frustrated from continually been the underbidder at Sydney auctions, Justin & Juliana reached out to Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents for guidance after reading his reviews on Google.

Justin & Juliana found the prefect property and Rodney McLoughlin was able to provide in-depth property reports and comparable sales to enable them to implement an auction bidding strategy applicable to the property and the vendors situation.

Auction Day: There was 5 registered bidders, but with a strong opening bid, Rodney McLoughlin immediately took control of the auction, confidently implementing the agreed auction strategy. Several bids later his clients owned the property, well under their budget.



* Rodney is extremely responsive.

* Rodney is a very warm and professional guy who helped us feel at ease with the auction bidding process.

* Rodney had done research on the property and had a good idea of where the reserve price would be and what the property would go for which made us feel confident about whether we stood a good chance at auction.

* Rodney took control of the auction from the beginning. The other bidders didn’t stand a chance!

* Rodney won our dream apartment for us!

* I have already started recommending Rodney to my family and friends. If we’re lucky enough to purchase another property in the future, we’ll definitely ask Rodney for his help.

Here’s the full story, from the perspective of two first home buyers:

My wife and I had fallen in love with an apartment that was going to auction in one weeks time. We attend an auction the weekend before to learn how the bidding process works so that we could do the bidding ourselves the following weekend. The prices at that auction rose rapidly and many of the 10+ bidders were quickly knocked out. We left the auction feeling intimidated and worried about our ability to bid with confidence at our own auction. This was a Saturday.

I woke up early on Sunday morning still feeling worried about our ability to perform under pressure at our upcoming auction. A quick Google search later, I had found out about Rodney and TBAS and the auction bidding service that he offers. There was a link to send him an instant message so I sent him one asking about how we could engage him for his auction bidding service. I fully expected to receive a reply on Monday morning during regular business hours so headed off to the gym to clear my mind.

And that’s when the excellent customer service began! At 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning, I received my first reply from Rodney. We sent messages to each other while I was on the treadmill at the gym. At 7:00 AM, I had already received the forms to complete to formally engage Rodney! I was already starting to feel better about our prospects at auction. It was a load off my mind!

On Monday morning, the excellent customer service continued. I received a message from Rodney at about 9:30 AM saying that he had already had a chat with the selling agent and that he had some insights into the likely reserve price of the property. Rodney and I discussed our budget and whether we stood a chance at auction. The chat with Rodney left me feeling more relaxed and glad that I had reached out to him for help. I knew that our dream apartment was within our reach and with Rodney on our side, our chances of winning at auction were even higher.

Saturday morning came around. It was auction day! We met Rodney at the property 30 minutes prior to the auction. As suspected from my earlier phone call with him, he was an extremely warm and nice guy. We decided on a maximum bid and Rodney explained what his bidding strategy would be. It felt great to have an experienced professional on our side!

When the auction finally took place, no one else stood a chance! Rodney took control of the auction from the beginning. It was as if my wife and I had a secret weapon at the auction. The whole process lasted just over 5 minutes. Rodney had won our dream apartment for us! Hooray!

Rodney stayed with us while we signed the contract of sale and even took photos of my wife and me under the “SOLD” sign. He was with us until the end. What a guy!

My wife and I highly recommend Rodney to help you with your next property purchase. If we decide to purchase another property in the future, we will definitely be reaching out to Rodney for his assistance. I’ve already been recommending Rodney to my family and friends.

Thank you, Rodney! You’re the best!


Price: $915,000

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