Purchased 5/28 Folkestone Parade Botany

Purchased 5/28 Folkestone Parade Botany


Client Brief: Three Bedroom apartment, with 2 bathrooms and double parking in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for under $1,000,000. Must be in a small complex.

Result:  With a tight budget to purchase a three bedroom apartment in the Eastern Suburbs, Rodney McLoughlin’s clients had to consider their location carefully if they were to find a suitable property that matched their brief. 

The clients identified a suitable apartment, but unfortunately it was leased and didn’t expire for approximately 6 months.  Rodney McLoughlin from TBAS® Buyers Agents explained to his clients this would eliminate the majority of buyers, therefore reducing the eventual sales price, which appealed to his clients.

The sales agent was very eager to negotiate a price prior to the scheduled auction, that was only several days away. Knowing we wouldn’t have much or any competition at auction, in this scenario it was best to put the vendors under pressure at auction where the negotiations were completely transparent. 

As expected, Rodney McLoughlin’s clients were the only registered bidders at auction, and after putting the auctioneer and vendors under pressure during the auction with 10 minutes of negotiations, Rodney Mcloughlin was able to negotiate a price well below his clients expectations.


Price: $950,000

Realestate.com.au: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-nsw-botany-135590534


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