Property Review 94 Beresford Rd Bellevue Hill

Property Review - 94 Beresford Rd Bellevue Hill -SOLD $3,900,000 - 17 Oct 2019

Property Review 94 Beresford Rd Bellevue Hill

Date: 25.09.19

House - Beds: 4 - Bathrooms: 3 - Parking: 3 - Land size: 620m2 (approx)

Aspect: North East facing

Days of market: 14 days

Agents Price guide: $3,200,000

Price per square meter: $5,161

Last Sold: Not available url:


CoreLogic Automated Valuation Estimate

Note: The CoreLogic Valuation Estimate is not accurate and has not taken into consideration certain aspects of the property. For further information please contact TBAS® Buyers Agents.



Location: 2.5km to Double Bay shops

Land: High side of road, battle-axe block

Views:  No 

Interior:  Poor

Exterior: Poor

Price: Reasonable


The property is in extremely poor condition and is located on a battle-axe block. Furthermore, there is a covenant in place preventing another level, which restricts development opportunities.

However, per square meter this is probably the cheapest free-standing property in Bellevue Hill, at $5,161, but it comes with warts and all...

Having said that, it does provide a good opportunity to break into the Bellevue Hill Real Estate market.


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