Property Review- 76 Boronia Rd Bellevue Hill

Property Review – 76 Boronia Rd Bellevue Hill


Date: 10.3.19

Land size: 696m2

Improvements:  Brick house, tiled roof, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 garage

Aspect: North East elevated block

Days of market: 127 days (As of 10.3.19)

Agents Price guide: $3,800,000

Price per square meter: $5,747 (Based on $4,000,000) url:

Recent auction summary by TBAS® Buyers Agents:

Property Report by CoreLogic: 76 Boronia Rd Bellevue Hill Property Report

Comments: The house is liveable for now, but needs a substantial renovation. Represents good value at the heavily reduced price of circa $4,000,000. Well below the median land price for Bellevue Hill at $5,747 per square meter


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