Buying Real Estate in the Southern Highlands


Considering moving to the Southern Highlands?


The Southern Highlands is an idyllic place to live for any age group, be it young families looking for a rural lifestyle, or more mature families looking for a life less stressful than in the city.

It is home to the towns of Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale, with  beautiful villages just a short drive.  Some of the villages are Sutton Forest, Exeter, Burrawang, Berrima and Bundanoon.

Bowral is well known for its wonderful Tulip Festival where the tulips and other flowers such as pansies will clap their hands and wave with delight to see you. The Food and Wine Festival is very popular along with the Bowral Classic Road Cycling charity event which brings hundreds of riders each year.

Bowral is famous for independent strip shopping and many fine restaurants or very casual coffee houses.  The famous Bradman Oval and International Cricket Hall of Fame is a must to visit . Bradman Oval with its white picket fence offers you the opportunity to watch cricket from the soft green grass, bring a picnic. 

Just a short drive through lush country side dotted with vineyards is Bundanoon well known for “Brigadoon” in April. Stop on the way at Sutton Forest and visit Red Cow Farm which is one of the most beautiful gardens in New South Wales, then on to Exeter village general store and cafe for a coffee or lunch. 

The Southern Highlands is under a 2 hour drive from Sydney, but still has a country feel. It offers excellent schools, cafes, fine dining, galleries and the opportunity to live permanently or to purchase a holiday home. Let’s not forget the many beautiful golf courses in the area.

Living the dream on acreage or just a larger property in town is within reach in the Highlands. 

The median price for a home in Bowral is $926,411. The principal of TBAS® Buyers Agents Southern Highlands, Julie Bennett has 30 years experience as an award winning licensed agent and can advise you on the best properties to buy.

What’s So Good About Bellevue Hill, Right?

The Suburb of Dreams speaks for itself!


You wouldn’t be the first person that has looked at Bellevue Hill and thought what’s so good about this place, why is everyone so enamoured. In fact, Director of TBAS® Buyers Agents, Rodney McLoughlin, a specialist in the Bellevue Hill real estate market is often asked two questions by prospective buyers, ‘what’s so good about Bellevue Hill? and why’s it so expensive?’ And the answer is it is an area that honestly speaks for itself.


Imagine waking up every morning and heading out on to your verandah, you breathe in the clean air and look at the picturesque view of Sydney Harbour. The early morning sun is beaming across to warm your face as a gentle breeze sweeps by playing with the leaves of the trees that adorn your garden while the birds sing and seemingly dance past. Sounds like a novel opening doesn’t it … but its actually what residents of Bellevue Hill have on a daily basis.


Bellevue Hill is a suburb in New South Wales on the eastern side of Sydney. It got its picturesque name after Irish-Australian immigrants began referring to it as Vinegar Hill in the early 19thCentury, in reference to the Battle of Vinegar Hill which took part in 1798 in Southern Ireland as part of the Irish uprising. The New South Wales Governor took umbrage to this and therefore gave it the name it is today which simply means beautiful view hill. A name that is stunning apt, Bellevue Hill is one of Sydney’s charmingest, most appealing suburbs. Tranquil and sedate it offers stunning views of breathtaking greenery, serene waters and stunning historical architecture.


Bellevue Hill has had a number of famous residents walking its streets from Media Moguls such as the Fairfax family and Lachlan Murdoch to the Prime Minister of Australia Sir William McMahon to sports stars such as Chad Morrison and Alan Kippax. However, it is not just the well-known faces that make this area desirable, there are also some famous houses dotted around the area too.


One of these residences is Rona Mansion, built in 1883 it is a two-storey Sydney sandstone house designed in the Victorian Gothic Revival style, which recently sold for circa $60 million.


One of the most affluent areas in Australia popular with Billionaires, Philanthropists and Surgeons alike, with the median prices of houses in Bellevue Hill costing circa $5.6 million and the median price per square metre of land costing circa $8, 300 you would not be mistaken in thinking this is one of the most expensive places to live in Australia, and there has got to be a reason for that right? so what is it? Simply put Bellevue Hill has so much more to offer than expensive houses and recognisable neighbours.


Every residence in Bellevue Hill comes with large private landholdings ranging at around 500 square metres to the Packer compound at some 11,000 square meters, so residents can have neighbours without them being too close giving the best of both worlds of living in a community, but having unreserved privacy which in this day and age is a major plus. As well as this there are the stunning views that property in this area have, as well as the area itself has to offer. Breathtaking  views of Sydney Harbour, Rosebay Marina and beaches, not to mention Cooper Park make Bellevue Hill worth millions of dollars by themselves alone.


A major setback of living in a city is having to sit in traffic to get anywhere which in today’sclimate with over 18 million cars on the road in Australia alone it can take what feels like a lifetime to get anywhere, especially on school runs, sports clubs and after-school clubs.


There are two of Sydney’s most prestigious schools in Bellevue Hill, Cranbrook School and The Scots College. Both these schools are within walking distance of all the houses in Bellevue Hills which anyone who has ever done a school run will know is a big deal!!


Bellevue Hills is the closest Suburb to the Central Business District in Sydney with large landholdings and it also hosts an extensive network of public transport. Being the main commercial centre of Sydney it is responsible for approximately 13% of its regional workforce. Being in this close proximity to the Central Business District, in fact only 5km away it is incredibly easy to commute their via public transport in the form of bus, train, ferry or if being at one with nature is more your thing, you could easily jog or walk it too.


As well as being an easy commute for work there are also the benefits of being in close proximity to Sydney Harbour amongst other natural wonders. A short distance from Bellevue Hill is Double Bay, one of the neighbourhoods most stunning harbours. As well as incredible views there are Designer Boutiques for an amazing shopping experience and a wealth of restaurants, late-nightbars and cafes. In the Double Bay area, you will also find Cooper Park a great bushland reserve with a number of walking tracks perfect for a peaceful amble.


As well as this Bellevue Hill is only 2 km from Bondi Junction. With Bondi beach close by and a host of landmarks, large shopping mall and great restaurants and bars it is another great location in very close proximity to Bellevue Hill.


So as you can see Bellevue Hill is a pricey buy, but the things that you can’t put a price on in life like beauty, nature and tranquillity are just every day occurrences in this suburban heaven.